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LEI Report, March 2024: Making Lifelong Education Work

April 23, 2024

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Mark Morrin of the Lifelong Learning Institute evaluates recent developments in the way adult skills learning is structured and advocates for changes to funding delivery.


The ‘unbundling’ of higher education has already begun. The proliferation of EdTech
and online courses has started to blur the boundaries between formal and informal
learning, between virtual and in-person learning, between short and long courses. The
Skills Act is designed to accelerate the disaggregation of programme modules,
enabling institutions to provide shorter units of learning across a variety of platforms.
Meanwhile, the introduction of the Lifelong Learning Entitlement (LLE), which will
operate in England from 2027, aims to transform the current student loans system so
that adult learners can access a flexible loan for higher-level education and training at
university or college, which they can use at any point in their lives.

What Schools Say About Us

Being part of the Stoke on Trent and Staffordshire Careers Hub has been pivotal to the development of careers provision in our school. The Hub have shared good practice across their members resulting in a stronger focus on good quality provision. The annual event enabled the hub to share their vision of School Improvement Through The Lens of Careers and looking beyond the Benchmarks. It was a fantastic opportunity to share different models of school improvement and strategies to further develop careers provision to enhance the future opportunities of our young people.

Mrs A Spencer, John Taylor High School

What Businesses Say About Us

It it superb to be able to speak with local schools, colleges, and businesses in Stoke and Staffs and show how important the partnerships are to bring the skills of the future. Educating those who educate the ones shaping the aspirations of young people is essential for the industry to grow and be more sustainable.”

Alison Tucker, St Modwen