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BT Group announced plans to recruit 37 apprentices and graduates

February 2, 2023

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BT Group announced plans to recruit 37 apprentices and graduates in Birmingham as part of its September 2023 intake.

The communications giant will recruit talent in the West Midlands across areas as diverse as Network Engineering, Data Analysis and Sales to support the UK’s fast-growing digital sectors.

The  recruits will also support the company’s plans to build and extend its 5G network around the UK.

The new roles will be based at BT Group’s Three Snow Hill offices, with 21 graduate roles and 16 apprenticeships being introduced.

BT opened the state-of-the-art Three Snow Hill building in 2021 as one of the key new locations announced under its Better Workplace Programme, the largest workplace improvement and consolidation scheme of its type ever undertaken in the UK.

BT Group is one of the UK’s largest private sector apprenticeship employers and has recruited more than 2,600 apprentices and graduates over the past four years.

The company has around 4,000 colleagues working towards their qualifications at any given time.

The latest recruitment of apprentices and graduates builds on the more than 6,000 BT employees based in the West Midlands region.

Athalie Williams, chief human resources officer at BT Group said: “As one of the largest private sector employers of apprentices and graduates in the UK, we continue to recruit and attract brilliant people into our business and we offer unparalleled development opportunities to those who join us.

“Despite the current economic backdrop, we’re building a future pipeline of talent to help drive growth across our business, deliver great outcomes for all of our customers and to underpin economic growth in the UK.”

The news builds on an announcement made last year that BT would be bringing 460 new jobs to Birmingham as part of the expansion of its Digital arm, recruiting to roles such as Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and software engineering.

In 2022, BT Group was ranked third in the Top 100 Apprenticeship Employers in the UK and as part of its Manifesto for responsible, inclusive, and sustainable growth the company has pledged to build a more diverse talent pool.

Alongside its apprenticeship and graduate scheme opportunities, BT Group is investing in several initiatives to support young people and jobseekers.

These include Work Ready and FastFutures which have already helped thousands of young people kickstart their careers, providing opportunities for young people looking to launch their careers and preparing them for the world of work.

Work Ready and FastFutures form part of BT Group’s ambition to help 25m people in the UK develop the skills they need to make the most of life in the digital world by 2026 and to build a diverse digital talent pipeline for the business and the UK.

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